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Harmonious Survival

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Harmonious Survival

Environment is the legacy of living and non living things. When we see the devastation of nature right in front of our eyes and still cannot do anything significant to save the environment, we feel frustrated and try to find out personal ways by which we could at least contribute to protect environment such as saving fuel and other energy resources, use of cycle, planting trees and so on.

These are very tiny steps to protect environment as we have gone far ahead in the epoch of destruction, which we are not still aware of.
The term, ‘Environment’ encompasses all the living and non living things occur naturally on earth. As described in Earth science, there are 4 spheres lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.

Human being is endowed by the natural resources and has reached to the extreme level to expoilt them for self benefits. There are two types of natural resources:
1. Renewable
2. Non-renewable
The resource which can be regenerated and is available in abundance in nature is called renewable resource, such as solar energy, tidal energy, wind energy, geothermal power and hydroelectricity. The resource which cannot be regenerated is called a non renewable resources they include-Fossil fuels coal, petroleum and gas.
We need to use these resources very carefully. In fact we should find ways to use these resources responsibly and ensure tranquil life to our successors as did our predecessors. The best way to start protecting our environment is to conserve forests and wild life.
Increasing population and Deforestation are the main areas of concern. Destruction of wildlife habitat has resulted in to extinction of so many diverse species, this loss cannot be compensated. Still there are so many exotic endangered endemic species which needs to be conserved. The areas where these species are found are declared as biodiversity hotspots.

Forests are the main source of energy resources. Conservation of forests requires sociopolitical efforts to move on till the purpose is accomplishes. Forests also affect the water cycle which is the indispensable foundation of human life. I have presented water cycle through following diagram.

The water cycle is driven by solar energy. The sun heats water in the oceans. Water evaporates as vapor into the air. The vapour goes up and condenses to form clouds. The ground water and runoff water is stored in lakes. This water cycle is affected by pollution and human influence and it is essential to harvest rainwater. Water management will definitely help us to increase the amount of usable water.

Not only the water cycle but carbon cycle, oxygen cycle, and nitrogen cycle are getting affected by different types of pollution, such as water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, release of radioactive particles, and radioactive isotopes pollution. Economic advancement has led us to devastation of nature.
Industrial revolution, Agricultural revolution, technology progress, advances in medical sciences, new methods of transport, urbanization, explosion of population and so on are becoming the means of desolation. They are adding to the threat of Global warming and Ozone layer depletion.
Now it’s high time, we should awaken and must contribute to protect our environment which is nature’s incredible endowment. Let us respect its supremacy, miraculous biodiversity, preserve plants, animals and ecosystems, and ensure harmonious survival.

- Anuja Khaire (India)

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