Monday, July 26, 2010

Afraid of Misunderstandings

That day, in the morning, I took my cycle to repair its chain and breaks. I generally go to the nearest maintenance spot where a small school boy swiftly does any kind of repairs of cycles. I had asked him whether he really goes to school or not. He had given the answer with his peculiar style ‘Whenever I get time!’
Anyways…That day I took my cycle to him. I noticed that he was looking extremely stressed. I waited for some time and finally asked him what happened?
Boy: Nothing!
Me: Really?
Boy: yes….
Me: Why are you looking so stressed?
Boy: Actually…
He started crying. He said, “My sister is very serious and I need 300 Rs urgently. I arranged 1200 already but I could not manage the rest of the money. I have to go today to purchase the medicines.”
I offered him the money without giving a second thought.

I returned home and I was feeling very proud of myself that I helped the poor little boy.
As soon as I met my friend in the parking area, I told her this story and she started laughing. I asked the reason and she told me that the little boy made me fool. Some people have this habit of lending money from others. I felt very bad that day but I was wondering that how could I see the honesty and concern in his eyes and…yes…his promise to give the money back..?

I left from home, for some work. As soon as I crossed the first signal, I noticed the same boy. I just curiously looked at him to check out where he is going in school-time. I shocked to see him going in a Mithai shop. I got the evidence that he made me fool. His next stop really made me very sad and he went to the adjacent pan shop. Finally he took a turn.
I felt very dejected. I decided not to go there for any repairs and maintenance onwards and not to help anybody in future.

In the afternoon while reading a book, I remembered his small eyes and again felt that he must be in need the next moment I remembered the pan shop and I felt very guilty. Unknowingly I had contributed to encourage his some addiction. I was very sad.

In the evening I went to take my repaired cycle back. I noticed the little boy was busy in work. He noticed me and handed over the cycle. He also said thanks. I couldn’t see any sign of guilt or repentance on his face. I got so damn irritated that I asked him why he conned me in the morning and went straight away to the pan shop?
He again started crying. He said I misunderstood him completely.
Without listening any more, I started scolding him. I can still understand if he went to Mithai shop and ate or bought something from there... but the pan shop???

Before I could ask him the reason behind lying, he ran away. The old man sitting next to the repair spot, who was watching all this, came to me and told that the boy went to pan shop because his uncle works there and he went to the Mithai shop because every day he collects some Alepak (a name of a sweet) from there and gives it to his grandmother to help her in sell.

The old man also conveyed how the little boy was happy to get help from me as he was able to buy the medicines urgently, and how he was praising me in the morning.

I felt very unhappy and regretful, that I misunderstood the little boy. Thank God I asked him the clarification; otherwise I would not have come to know the fact.
He was standing near the tree with his another little sister; I went to him and said sorry. I also insisted not to return my money.

This incident impelled me to believe that one of the most dangerous things in human life which unknowingly ruins relationships and may lead to add bitterness in our nature is misunderstanding!
This can also affect adversely to form perception about others and can be responsible for a big loss.

This was one incident, but most of the times we form wrong perceptions about others based on misunderstandings and inadvertently face some kind of loss. It may ruin our friendship or our relations with family members.
Well, everyone has his or her own opinion pertaining to this issue, according to the past experiences, perceptions, thoughts and nature but if we think profoundly, most of the people would agree that misunderstanding is one of the most dangerous things in our life.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am in a Hurry

The wonderful flower and lush green grass,
The cerulean sky and dreamy mountains
Called me
I said, I am in a hurry, will see you later

The smile of a naive baby, the song of sweet grand mum
And childhood friend called me
I said, I am in a hurry, will see you later

The smell of delicious food,
The melody of music and the vivacious amusement of team game
Called me
I said, I am in a hurry, will see you later

The tranquility of a temple, the devotion in the rituals
And the serenity of worship
Called me
I said, I am in a hurry, will see you later

Finally death called me
I said, God, Almighty, Please wait,
I need to see
All your wonderful creations, my loved ones, and experience the
Peace and euphoria …..

God said,
I said, I am in a hurry, will see you later.

This poem throws a light on how we miss out wonderful things in life while running after the materialistic things and our so called goals.
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