Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Closing Uncertainty

At times life wants us to know the motive behind its existence
The truth- nothing but the uncertainty
The horizons are contracted bizarrely
This sudden twirl that is never anticipated
Even the sorrow is scared stiff and too frozen to express
What was mine is not mine now
What is mine perhaps is going to defy
The void is filled up with uncertain molecules
Distress crawls even more slowly and ices up my tears
After the nightmare I open my eyes and heart positively
and welcome the ray of hope every morning
But is it certain?
Perhaps life is going to present a shock again
My conscious effort to cherish and sustain the blissful moments
makes them laugh at me
They say life is beautiful
Are they referring to the uncertainty?
or not?

Monday, February 7, 2011

I got a job then…

Through this poem I tried to express the emotions of every job seeker who toils a lot and when he gets the desired job, he comes to know that he has not yet got the peace of mind, for which he was wandering for. He gets the real peace at the doorsteps of Almighty GOD.

I got a job then…

What are the thorny days?
I get this now right, I wander for a job

Nothing is that important except for the bread
Childhood dream is over and now it’s war
Do or die
I need to earn the bread now
I enjoyed it free so far

I feel the days, words, songs so harsh
You would know if you face this problem short
Can’t blame the people or pals
I know it’s me, the foe at war

I go on walking
Yes the determination is with me so far
The grit is now so soft
I think positively and work hard
I know He helps me in this war

I win the war
to know this is not I toiled for

The real great serenity
Is there at His doorsteps
I bow and get the all core
to know this is what I searched for

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