Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Closing Uncertainty

At times life wants us to know the motive behind its existence
The truth- nothing but the uncertainty
The horizons are contracted bizarrely
This sudden twirl that is never anticipated
Even the sorrow is scared stiff and too frozen to express
What was mine is not mine now
What is mine perhaps is going to defy
The void is filled up with uncertain molecules
Distress crawls even more slowly and ices up my tears
After the nightmare I open my eyes and heart positively
and welcome the ray of hope every morning
But is it certain?
Perhaps life is going to present a shock again
My conscious effort to cherish and sustain the blissful moments
makes them laugh at me
They say life is beautiful
Are they referring to the uncertainty?
or not?

Monday, February 7, 2011

I got a job then…

Through this poem I tried to express the emotions of every job seeker who toils a lot and when he gets the desired job, he comes to know that he has not yet got the peace of mind, for which he was wandering for. He gets the real peace at the doorsteps of Almighty GOD.

I got a job then…

What are the thorny days?
I get this now right, I wander for a job

Nothing is that important except for the bread
Childhood dream is over and now it’s war
Do or die
I need to earn the bread now
I enjoyed it free so far

I feel the days, words, songs so harsh
You would know if you face this problem short
Can’t blame the people or pals
I know it’s me, the foe at war

I go on walking
Yes the determination is with me so far
The grit is now so soft
I think positively and work hard
I know He helps me in this war

I win the war
to know this is not I toiled for

The real great serenity
Is there at His doorsteps
I bow and get the all core
to know this is what I searched for

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Story of a confused shopkeeper

Whenever I go shopping with my cousin sister ‘Mani’, I get to learn many things from her especially regarding ‘Bargaining’, but as soon as I try to implement her guidelines when I am alone, things do not work. May be I forget something or I simply could not implement the things she teaches me while shopping.  Her impeccable bargaining skills also fascinate me a lot and I can never forget those peculiar expressions of victory on her face when she wins the bargain with the dealer.

Whenever I come across such bargaining incidents, I feel surprised and each incidence adds up to my surprise every time.  I really wonder how she can really propose illogical (apparently) deals and successfully carry out the bargaining.

Once I told her an incidence when I went to a grocery shop, paid money and returned home without picking up the goods. While I couldn’t control my laughter while telling about my silliness, she took this incident very seriously and started preaching ‘How to become a good consumer and be aware of rights…and all…As I had no option but to listen to her, I also started to learn about consumer rights.

She tried her level best to teach me ‘How to scold the shopkeeper if he doesn’t give the free thing on any product, how to quarrel for your rights as a consumer…and so on.

I realized that I could not even follow her basic instruction that we should first be clear with our communication.

So to boost my confidence in quarreling with the shopkeeper, she purposefully returned from a shop without asking and collecting a free thing on a shampoo.  She came home and told me to go to the same shop and ask for that free conditioner sachet.  My legs started trembling, just to think of fighting with the shopkeeper.

I: How can I go and ask for the free thing….as you bought the shampoo, how will he recognize me?
Sis: So what’s the big deal? Tell that a girl just has purchased a shampoo and forgot to collect the free sachet, I am her sister and want to collect it, now go ……..
I: See..Mani….I really find this illogical, put yourself in the place of that shopkeeper, will you believe any stranger, pretending somebody’s sister?
Sis: Don’t make any excuses, go….
I: aa……I really find this strange….
Sis: go….

Due to her insistence I had to go to that shop.  I went there and stood in front of a shopkeeper.

I just didn’t understand how to start the conversation.
I: Do you have shampoos?
Shopkeeper: (with a strange look) yes
I: Show me that big bottle….
Shopkeeper: thak (This is the sound generated when he put the bottle on the counter)
I: I can’t see any free thing on this?
Shopkeeper: So?
I: Do you sell shampoos having a free sachet of a conditioner?
Shopkeeper: (Reluctantly and with a bit irritation) which one do you want?
I: The one with which has a free sachet of a conditioner.
Shopkeeper: Thak  (this is the sound of that second bottle)
I: Now let me tell you….Do you know Mani?
Shopkeeper: What? …
I: Oh, sorry, How come you will know each and every customer…. I can understand.

Shopkeeper: What are you talking about?
I: …about a shampoo which has a free sachet of a conditioner.
Shopkeeper: …..What is the relevance of it now?
I: See this is not the way to behave with your customer…(I started implementing the things learned from my sister)
Shopkeeper: Even if the customer confuses you?
I: Did I confuse you?
Shopkeeper: So what are you doing now?
I: Fighting with you for a shampoo which has a free sachet of a conditioner.
Shopkeeper:  ??? ….Which shampoo do you want to purchase?
I: I don’t want to purchase
Shopkeeper: What? So why did you come here?
I: Do you know “Mani”?
Shopkeeper: (about to cry)

Before that shopkeeper starts crying, my sister Mani came in, looked at me with the peculiar expressions and noticed embarrassment on my face.

After that day she stopped giving me a big lecture on ‘Consumer Rights’ and ‘How to communicate effectively with shopkeepers’. In her opinion I failed on the very first step of bargaining which requires ‘Clear Communication’.

Though this was a funny incidence, I could learn many things from it. I realized this, when I recently attended the workshop on client communication. In this training, I learned while communicating we should:
·         State the purpose/ Agenda
·         Define a common terminology
·         Ask relevant questions
·         Paraphrase and validate the points
·         Listen actively
·         Summarize
Of course that session covered lots of other things as well but some of the important points I mentioned here.
If you take a look at the above conversation you will get to know that what mistakes I did. I did not state the purpose; I straight away started talking without giving him any frame of reference or stating my purpose of coming there. Most of us unknowingly make others confused like this confused shopkeeper.
This was an incident when I was a school going kid. This incident taught me a lot about the importance of ‘Clear Communication’. I recollected this while thinking about the guidelines regarding effective communication. Many small incidences teach us a lot and help us avoid mistakes....Don’t you think so?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

She stole a happy moment

Rama….It is the name of my old friend. She is like any woman who tries hard to keep her family happy by working hard through day and night. She was one of my colleagues; I sometimes used to wonder to see her enthusiasm in purchasing grocery at the end tiresome day.
She used to always tell me about the importance of being practical in life. Though she would praise the practical approach towards life I could easily get that she is a very emotional person.

Among other colleagues, she was known as an introvert person, but when I met her at the very first time, I found a simple woman with neatly draped sari and a little antique piece of necklace.
Her outer shell is enough to convey her inclination towards orthodox views, but I found her very friendly. In a very short time she became my best friend and she started sharing sorrows and happy moments in her life. My other friends used to convince me that she is very egoistic and reluctant, and I used to always counter attack them on this point.

How could they be so harsh to her? How easily we form our opinion about the other person…..

After some interactions with her, I figured out the fact that, she was extremely shy and could not mingle with other people because she was not comfortable to participate in their discussions which were Cosmo and bizarre according to her.

Though she was so particular and strict about her work, one noticeable thing about her was she used to finish her work on time and be in a great hurry to reach home. This was enough to understand her concern for her family. Though she never used to express her opinions and thoughts, I could empathies her, in spite of a major age difference don’t know how!

Anyways, that day she was very happy. In the lunch time she told me the reason behind it. Her 9th standard daughter had scored 80% in her final exams. She was very excited to select a very unique gift for her. She hurriedly finished eating the paratha and went straight to market. After returning to office, in the tea break, she showed me the gift. I was surprised to see her choice. It was a glass pen holder with two pens having extremely beautiful golden design.
I said, it must be very costly! She was so excited to see the expressions on her daughter’s face and this time could not hide her emotions.

In the evening while wrapping that gift neatly in an attractive paper, she insisted me to come to her house. I could not deny her request and went with her. While we were on the way she was continuously praising her daughter and describing how she searched for that costly gift and costly gift wrapping paper.

We reached home and she pressed the door bell. After waiting for a long time, she again pressed the door bell. Her daughter opened the door; I could see a very irritated expression on her face.  She said, “Can’t you wait for some time?? I was busy chatting with my friend.”
Rama still continued praising her daughter while introducing me to her.  After entering home, she immediately took charge of the kitchen and in a very short time came back with tea. By that time I was watching her daughter who didn’t even offered her mother a smile, was busy in playing online games and chatting with friends.

I reminded Rama about the Gift. She slowly went to her daughter and offered her the gift. I also congratulated her. Her daughter hurriedly opened the pack, without even looking at the beautifully wrapped cover, and hastily took out the pen holder. No sooner did she pick one of the pens; than the holder fell down on the floor and broke in to pieces. At the same time her mobile phone rang and without paying any attention to that gift she went to her room to attend the call.

I looked at Rama’s face; it was pale with a great despair. I took her leave and while returning home, my tiny tears were consoling me. 

I can understand if her colleagues do not understand her and do not care for her emotions….but her own daughter….she also failed to understand her mother….

I wanted to scream at her…..hey look, your mother bought this expensive gift for you….just say that it is good, it is nice….you liked it…
Do you know what have you done? ... you stole a happy moment from your mother’s life which was very precious and may not come again…. I wish I could tell her this! ….

Most of us knowingly or unknowingly do not respect the emotions of another person may it be, sister, father, mother, brother, friend or colleague….and by doing this we steal one happy moment from their life. ….

Monday, July 26, 2010

Afraid of Misunderstandings

That day, in the morning, I took my cycle to repair its chain and breaks. I generally go to the nearest maintenance spot where a small school boy swiftly does any kind of repairs of cycles. I had asked him whether he really goes to school or not. He had given the answer with his peculiar style ‘Whenever I get time!’
Anyways…That day I took my cycle to him. I noticed that he was looking extremely stressed. I waited for some time and finally asked him what happened?
Boy: Nothing!
Me: Really?
Boy: yes….
Me: Why are you looking so stressed?
Boy: Actually…
He started crying. He said, “My sister is very serious and I need 300 Rs urgently. I arranged 1200 already but I could not manage the rest of the money. I have to go today to purchase the medicines.”
I offered him the money without giving a second thought.

I returned home and I was feeling very proud of myself that I helped the poor little boy.
As soon as I met my friend in the parking area, I told her this story and she started laughing. I asked the reason and she told me that the little boy made me fool. Some people have this habit of lending money from others. I felt very bad that day but I was wondering that how could I see the honesty and concern in his eyes and…yes…his promise to give the money back..?

I left from home, for some work. As soon as I crossed the first signal, I noticed the same boy. I just curiously looked at him to check out where he is going in school-time. I shocked to see him going in a Mithai shop. I got the evidence that he made me fool. His next stop really made me very sad and guilty..as he went to the adjacent pan shop. Finally he took a turn.
I felt very dejected. I decided not to go there for any repairs and maintenance onwards and not to help anybody in future.

In the afternoon while reading a book, I remembered his small eyes and again felt that he must be in need the next moment I remembered the pan shop and I felt very guilty. Unknowingly I had contributed to encourage his some addiction. I was very sad.

In the evening I went to take my repaired cycle back. I noticed the little boy was busy in work. He noticed me and handed over the cycle. He also said thanks. I couldn’t see any sign of guilt or repentance on his face. I got so damn irritated that I asked him why he conned me in the morning and went straight away to the pan shop?
He again started crying. He said I misunderstood him completely.
Without listening any more, I started scolding him. I can still understand if he went to Mithai shop and ate or bought something from there... but the pan shop???

Before I could ask him the reason behind lying, he ran away. The old man sitting next to the repair spot, who was watching all this, came to me and told that the boy went to pan shop because his uncle works there and he went to the Mithai shop because every day he collects some Alepak (a name of a sweet) from there and gives it to his grandmother to help her in sell.

The old man also conveyed how the little boy was happy to get help from me as he was able to buy the medicines urgently, and how he was praising me in the morning.

I felt very unhappy and regretful, that I misunderstood the little boy. Thank God I asked him the clarification; otherwise I would not have come to know the fact.
He was standing near the tree with his another little sister; I went to him and said sorry. I also insisted not to return my money.

This incident impelled me to believe that one of the most dangerous things in human life which unknowingly ruins relationships and may lead to add bitterness in our nature is misunderstanding!
This can also affect adversely to form perception about others and can be responsible for a big loss.

This was one incident, but most of the times we form wrong perceptions about others based on misunderstandings and inadvertently face some kind of loss. It may ruin our friendship or our relations with family members.
Well, everyone has his or her own opinion pertaining to this issue, according to the past experiences, perceptions, thoughts and nature but if we think profoundly, most of the people would agree that misunderstanding is one of the most dangerous things in our life.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am in a Hurry

The wonderful flower and lush green grass,
The cerulean sky and dreamy mountains
Called me
I said, I am in a hurry, will see you later

The smile of a naive baby, the song of sweet grand mum
And childhood friend called me
I said, I am in a hurry, will see you later

The smell of delicious food,
The melody of music and the vivacious amusement of team game
Called me
I said, I am in a hurry, will see you later

The tranquility of a temple, the devotion in the rituals
And the serenity of worship
Called me
I said, I am in a hurry, will see you later

Finally death called me
I said, God, Almighty, Please wait,
I need to see
All your wonderful creations, my loved ones, and experience the
Peace and euphoria …..

God said,
I said, I am in a hurry, will see you later.

This poem throws a light on how we miss out wonderful things in life while running after the materialistic things and our so called goals.
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Endowment of almighty

I walk by the bay all alone
hope to see the daffodils

Clouds with a cool breeze or
Aloof and gloomy silhouettes
floating in the averse sky
like me dwelling in this bleak world...

Here comes the rain
to wash off the dreary thoughts
I awe you almighty
to demolish the mole and wraths

This poem expresses the gloomy emotions that we as a human being face many a times in life.But the almighty always bestows his blessings in some or the other form.Here I have addressed rain as the almighty’s blessings to give us happiness all the time and demolish the thorny feelings.