Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Horns still blow

Sometimes some instances teach us a lot. They make us think differently. They dramatically show us how our perspective was wrong and how need to keep our eyes open and see the world without any bias or prejudice. They contribute to become more kind. This is one of the incidences in my life; I’d like to share with you all.

Horns still blow

We all know how these beggars irritate us, mainly at signals! I hate beggars as they do not work and beg money. Sometimes they force and scare you. Sometimes people give them money but sometimes they really trouble people a lot.

One day I was going home on my two wheeler. I came across the red signal and stopped. I saw some poor children with torn cloths begging at the left side of the road. I felt very sad about them and their future but thought it is not right to donate them money directly, we should help them by giving them a good opportunity to go school.

One of the poor girls from these children looked at me and started running towards me holding a dirty cloth in her hand. I was confused to see her and felt irritated. I started thinking how to avoid her. By the time she caught me, before she could ask me anything I shouted at her, “I will never give you money, you should feel ashamed of yourself, while begging. You know you should go to school.” As soon as I said this, horns started blowing and I realized that in the fit of anger I didn’t notice the green signal.

I started my vehicle and stopped when the next signal came. One little girl was coming towards me, I was able to see her through my side mirror. She was running fast and calling somebody. When she came closer, I turned back. I was shocked, she was the same girl. My anger crossed limits , I was just going to scold her. How disgusting she followed me till the next signal! Just to irritate me and beg money?
I controlled my anger and ignored her totally. She still came in front of me and showed me something.
“Your Mobile” she said.
I was bewildered, it looked like my mobile, still I couldn’t believe her and started searching mine. I used to hang my mobile to the string which I wore around my neck, as many other girls. I checked it was not there and embarrassingly looked at her. I took my mobile from her and said “Thank You”.
“ I sell Alepak (name of a sweet made from ginger) at the roadside and go to noght school.” She said..
I kept looking at her I failed to understand what was happening. Before I could tell her anything that poor girl vanished. She ran away and again horns started blowing……, but this time in my mind too!

That poor girl proved, how my point of view was wrong. How the perspective was biased.
These little incidences teach us a lot and enrich us to become a generous, good human being. Whenever I see these poor children, horns still blow in my ears, to encourage me to make their life better and do something for them.

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