Friday, October 16, 2009

My first Voting

I was tremendously excited that day. Do you know why? It was a voting day.

Since my childhood, I had been wishing to vote. Later by hearing the pessimistic views I was depressed since I was considering voting as the only ray of hope that can bring a revolution in our country and will someday lead to prosperity and progress, which a common Indian man always wishes.

I am also not very happy with the progress of our country, but always wanted to contribute significantly for my motherland. But as any teenager could not find a right way to do something creative and progressive. So I regarded voting as the only way to get the expected development done in society.

I thought profoundly and finally decided to vote.

I started asking my friends, colleagues, and neighbours, that Are they willing to vote? 99% response was NO.

I was again depressed to see their gloomy faces. When holiday was declared on the voting day, somebody was planning to enjoy the holiday, somebody was planning to go out of town, somebody took a long leave adjacent to voting holiday, somebody…………………
There were lots of interesting plans, except voting.

In middle class and higher middle class, this kind of depressing behavior is observed most. Since the basic needs are fulfilled and there is a cut throat competition in education and jobs, we are busy running in the rat race to achieve our goals. We are busy running behind the desire to become more prosperous.

But do we think of bringing our nation ahead? Bringing prosperity to our nation? But do we say that Let’s get rich and show the world our power and bring significance to our glorious History, culture and heritage?

I know all this may seem a dream and there are chances that some [people find it overdramatic also, since patriotism has become a big melodrama in our country due to lack of honesty and devotion.

I admit that there are miserable things and situation regarding political India since years, still I have some positive hopes for my country, I still want to contribute significantly in the development of my nation.

That day I woke up early in the morning. I got ready and went to confirm my number and place for election, as we have already found out the place. I went with my license as an identification proof.

I was so excited and was making my mind to stand in a long long row, but …. There was a very tiny row of 3 /4 old men and women. I became dejected again, but voted. The time recommended for voting was from 7.00 a.m. to 5 p.m. So I thought people will come in the afternoon may be….

In the afternoon, I heard some people are shouting near the residential areas….I saw from the window and realized that they were some volunteers trying to appeal voters to go and vote. I felt very bad to see them plead. I was also shocked with people’s reluctance.

The next day, everybody was teasing me when I said them that I went for voting. In their view, I was childish….hoping something good for my country…..

Let it be..I am childish then…. least I have that urge to contribute for my nation….and I will cherish it, I know you also want our country to be a well developed nation, with content people, only the thing is you are waiting for an initiative….like me…like any common citizen…

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