Monday, October 26, 2009

Enter the nutty world of Hagemaru

I was so frustrated that day, so went and sat in front of television.
I started surfing channels just to let off the burden. I always watch cartoons to let go the so called tension. My friends find watching cartoons very childish but I find it very entertaining, even more than TV serials.
So I was surfing channels and stopped to see a cute character with big eyes, broad eyebrows, smallest nose, and especially with countable three hairs.
Bewildering! Isn’t it? But if you take a look at the following picture, you will get to know how it is.

This character is called Hagemaru. It is a Japanese name and the character also resides in Japan.
When I started watching the stories of Hagemaru, I found them extremely crazy, funny and humorous.
Hagemaru is such a character who is although scrooge and nutty loved by all his friends and neighbors due his innocence and helpfulness. He has friends like Kondo and Mezzurita.
Hagemaru always cracks extremely funny jokes which are senseless yet based on plausible situations.

With his unstoppable creative and witty nature he can do the things out of this world.
He is and his family is famous among people and has a tag Scrooge.
He is witty, funny, scrooge, crazy, mad, cute and the list goes on.......

There’s one instance for this, once he sees his friends surfing near the sea shore, he also tempts to do that. Since he is very poor, could not afford a surfing pad. In the next scene, we see him surfing with a pad on the surface of sea.
His rich friend asks him from where he brought the surfing pad; he points out to the door and shows how he took out the door of that office and transformed it to use as a surfing pad.

Hagemaru’s eccentric family makes you laugh till your stomach aches. His mother, father and pet dog Pesu are unique characters with one common characteristic- stinginess.

In spite of all his so called weird qualities you tend to like Hagemau, due to his cute innocence.
What makes you always curious is his style of using extraordinary tricks to get the things done.
You never know what he and his extremely stingy family will do the next moment.

I must mention the voiceover artists who have made this character lively and close to Indian viewers. The voice-over used for Hagemaru is extremely peculiar, on other hand that of his friend Kondo is amusing. The influence of Gujrati dialect related to story and used to present the whole animation series adds to the fun.

Ok, I spoke a lot about this cute cartoon character. To enjoy this amusement you have to watch it.
For me, it was a refreshing experience; it taught me that we should take things very lightly. We should not be always serious and stressed.
It also gave me another aspect to look at things…………….hmm…….bizarre? isn’t it? yes …but not more than Hagemaru.


Deepali said...

I am also a big fan of Hagemaru. You have certainly highlighted the "nutty" characteristics of Hagermaru.....liked it.

bhatt said...

I loved it too.The best show i have ever seen :) am really glad that i came across sucha a tv show.Besides am delighted over the fact that hagemaru as a character was introduced, we people, were made familiar with it :)