Monday, November 30, 2009

Eccentric Gentle Man: Popeye

Poppay the sailo ooo ma sss n po ppoo

Found strange? But if you are following the cartoon Popeye the sailor –man, you would not have bewildered like this.
Yup, it’s extremely funny and crazy thing to watch the adventures of Popeye, and his miraculous Spinach. I started liking spinach more after seeing Popeye becomes incredibly powerful by having it.
Hmm ask any kid to have spinach, and he will not hesitate to eat, thanks to Popeye!
The reason behind calling him gentle man is that he is such a personality who cares for Sweepy (littile kid: Popeye’s relative) and Olive, loves them a lot and saves them from any obstruction without deviating from the path of truth and ethics. But wait, if you are thinking, Popeye is a very serious thing, then take a look-

Will write more on eccentric Popeye and why I called him eccentric, in detail, see you soon.

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