Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ubiquitous Mobile Learning

I was amazed to hear about mobile learning and extremely curios too. The first thing I did to dig out information about it was to visit Wikipedia.
I learned the following definition from it.

“Any sort of learning that happens when the learner is not at a fixed, predetermined location, or learning that happens when the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies.”

Wow, I really liked the concept of learning anywhere. I was aware of the spiritual thing that knowledge is omnipresent , but was not sure whether it’s possible to grasp it in real life while living with too much of distractions. which provides access to all the different learning materials available.

This ubiquitous M-learning is convenient as it is accessible from virtually anywhere offering access to all the different learning materials available.

I got to know about following interesting information:

“It is also collaborative; sharing is almost instantaneous among everyone using the same content, which leads to the reception of instant feedback and tips. M-Learning also brings strong portability by replacing books and notes with small RAMs, filled with tailored learning contents. In addition, this kind of learning is engaging and fun. Therefore, it is simple to utilize mobile learning for a more effective and entertaining experience.”

I also read about the challenges, which I would like to present in following manner:

Hmm, now I will explore more and write something interesting about this.

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